Under-Canopy Dataset for Advancing Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Agricultural Robotics
J. Cuaran, A. Velasquez, M. Gasparino, N. Uppalapati, A. Sivakumar, J. Wasserman, M. Huzaifa, S. Adve, G. Chowdhary
Under Review at ICRA 2023

Last-Mile Embodied Visual Navigation
J. Wasserman, K. Yadav, G. Chowdhary, A. Gupta, U. Jain.
CoRL 2022

A Hardware and Software Testbed for Underactuated Self-Assembling Robots
A. Nilles, J. Wasserman, A. Born, C. Horn, J. Born, S. LaValle
MRS 2019